Symptoms of Diabetes That You Should Not Ignore

Symptoms of Diabetes That You Should Not Ignore

The symptoms of diabetes are easy to miss, especially without help from providers of home health services in Burbank CA. You probably won’t be able to tell whether someone has diabetes just by looking at them. You should be keener and watch for some warning signs, especially with your senior loved ones. If you notice gradual changes from them, do not hesitate to seek help from physicians.

To help you, we list some of the common signs of diabetes that you should look out for:

  • Thirst and excessive peeing
    When a person has diabetes, their body will try to get rid of the extra glucose by producing urine. This is why they are constantly thirsty. If you notice these signs, please visit a doctor or seek help from providers of medical home health care in CA.
  • Rapid weight loss
    High blood sugar levels can cause rapid weight loss.Sudden weight loss in a loved one might be a sign of diabetes. Always encourage them to see their physicians for check-ups.
  • Slow healing of wounds
    Are your loved ones’ minor injuries lingering around for a longer time than it should be? This is one of the most common symptoms of diabetes and is easy to detect. If you suspect something is wrong, get them checked as soon as possible.
  • Constant hunger
    People with diabetes have challenges in regulating their glucose. Eating something high in carbohydrates makes the body produce too much insulin and leads the glucose level to drop. This is why some diabetes patients crave carbohydrate and sugar-rich foods.

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